Sunday, August 2, 2009


My kids have the best grandparents! Their Grandma Brown painted an adorable picture on these rocks, one for each of their grandchildren. She then placed them throughout their beautiful yard. Isn't that so sweet?!
When Zack wakes up from his naps he will usually just play quietly in his room for a few minutes. This is his new favorite thing to do, drive cars on his bed.
Allie and Zack, just because they're so cute!

Here is Allie showing off that she lost her first tooth. She let her tooth get so loose that it literally FELL OUT. I tried to get her to at least attempt to pull it out multiple times, but she was not having that at all. As soon as she would touch her mouth she would start to scream that it hurt. I thought Nicole and Jacob were going to be my only children to be "HYSTERICAL" about pulling teeth. But nope, I am 3 for 3 so far, every one of them just as hysterical as can be. Lucky me!!! Allie was so excited when I told her that I would put the picture on my computer so others can see that she finally lost her first tooth. Look at her so proud!


  1. Yay! Her tooth fell out! She was talking about that during our whole trip!

  2. I think she smiled that exact smile about 10 times yesterday (but who wouldn't want to show off a missing tooth - its too cool not to share!) She sure is cute!!

  3. Hurray for Allie & the missing tooth (that sounds like a great story title!) - she was so proud of her "wiggly tooth" & now even more proud of the space it has made. LOVE the rocks - did you see the one Linda made for us? What an over-achiever she is!