Friday, July 24, 2009


Now here is a good looking bunch of kids! At every family gathering you always have to have a cousin picture from oldest to youngest. We're missing quite a few cousins, but we gotta work with what we got!

Our family went to camp Lotus this year and camped right on the American river. We had a blast, but had to endure the heat of over 100 degrees. My sister and her family, the Langstons, joined us this year too. This year was an especially exciting camping trip because all of the children (minus the 2 toddlers) rafted down a portion of the American River. Thanks to Uncle Paul and Aunt Jenny we had access to rafting equipment that made this all possible. Troy and Reid took the kids down the river then headed back up for a 2nd trip down. We love our camping trips, but after 3 nights we were very ready for our beds!

They're loaded in the boat and ready to hit the river. It was about 105 degrees on this day, so everyone was ready for some water! They were all so excited and had so much fun on the water.


  1. What great memories for the kids. They will forget how hot it was and only remember the fun with the cousins.

  2. Hey, that line up looks familiar! What great fun for the cousins...keep up the good work - families are worth it! Love your new blog...looking forward to seeing updates.