Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here we are at our favorite beach, Manresa Beach. It was overcast for a long time until almost 2pm, and of course we leave about an hour or so after that. Overcast or not, our family loves the beach!

Troy trying to dig, but Zack and Lydia wanted to play in it every step of the way.

Troy was really in the mood to dig. So he dug a hole almost 5 ft. deep and another large one, then he and Ryan dug a tunnel connecting the two. The kids enjoyed it a lot.
Nicole crawling out of the tunnel that Ryan and Troy dug.

Allie and Lydia have discovered a sandcrab and are quite fascinated with it.
Zack and Lydia being adorable and very sandy!


  1. What goes in must come out. Glad I didn't have diaper duty with those two as cute as they are.

  2. I know those diapers really are brutal, I think for us AND them!

  3. Lol. We had some pretty bad diapers on our trip home. Poor Lydia.

  4. Yeah for you having a blog! Troy stopped by our house today and told me you had just started one. I'm so glad because now I can feel in touch with what all you are up to. Looking forward to more cute pictures of your BEAUTIFUL and super sweet family!